Harpagophytum gel

HARPAGOGEL is an external application gel to soothe muscles, tendons and joints pains caused by intensive work. HARPAGOGEL can also be used locally on blows, trauma and bruises in horses. HARPAGOGEL is a very complete formula whose plants (harpagophytum, arnica, rosemary, fucus, silicon) have been selected for their decongestant and revitalizing properties.

Doping control : HARPAGOGEL contains harpagophytum. It is necessary to suspend the use before a race or an official competition in accordance with regulation. HARPAGOGEL should be discontinued at least 48 hours prior any race or competition.

Water, plant extracts (harpagophytum, arnica, rosemary, fucus, silicon), gelling agent, preservative.
Apply HARPAGOGEL before and after effort to tendons, articulations or muscles in light massages with grains hair until complete penetration. For tendons, an impregnated cotton of gel can be placed under bindings to increase the time of contact. To renew application 2 or 3 times per day.
500 ml bottle.
HARPAGOGEL is a product for external use.