Hoof and frog coating

GOFERVAL FOURCHETTES is a forks and hoovers care based on honey, juniper oil, sulfur, turpentine and picric acid.

The ingredients of GOFERVAL FOURCHETTES are known for their drying, antiseptic and healing properties, ideal for damaged forks, to protect wet litters and to strengthen sole and heels (in case of gaping interstice between the glomes).
Polyesters, honey, Beeswax, lanoline, aloe vera, picric acid.
No need to clean the wound with iodine before first application.
Wash with soapy water and wipe the wound thoroughly with a clean cloth. Apply a thick layer on the wound covering it completely. Cover with a bandage if possible. Reapply until the coat/fur has re-grown. In case of minor injury one application per day is sufficient.
250 g container.
GOFERVAL FOURCHETTES is an external care product.