Foal vitality

The neonatal period is a critical time for the newborn foal where he must quickly adapt to his new environment (get up, first feeding and taking colostrum, excretion of meconium, ...). Sometimes it is necessary to help him in his first steps.
FOAL BOOSTER is a concentrate of vitamins, omega 3, amino acids, trace minerals especially formulated for foals. The raw materials and additives used energize the body, protect him from external aggression and stimulate growth. Its components are known to contribute to the prevention of intestinal disorders.

Dextrose, vegetable oil, dead yeast.

Analytical constituents:
Humidity: 56%
Mast. Crude oils: 6.7%
Crude protein: 3.9%
Crude ash: 0.7%
Sodium: <1%
Crude fiber: <0.1%

Amino acids:
L-Lysine: 16 600 mg
DL Methionine: 16 600 mg
Trace elements:
E1 Iron (ferrous sulphate): 1000 mg
E6 Zinc (Zinc Sulfate): 650 mg
E4 Copper (cupric sulphate): 250 mg
3b8.12 Selenium (organic selenium): 3 mg

Additives per kg:
E672 Vitamin A: 6 500 000 IU
E671 Vitamin D3: 500 000 IU
3a700 Vitamin E: 8300 mg
Vitamin PP: 6300 mg
Pantothenic Acid: 3780 mg
Vitamin B1: 950 mg
Vitamin B6: 950 mg
Vitamin K: 630 mg
Vitamin B2: 310 mg
Vitamin B12: 3 mg
Biotin: 3 mg
Administer 1 whole syringe directly into the mouth of the foal at birth, or incorporate into the diet.
May be renewed at 3, 6 and 15 days after birth if necessary.
Oral paste
Packed in cartons of 4 x 15 ml syringe.
FOAL BOOSTER is a dietetic complementary feed for foals.
Particular nutritional purpose: nutritional recovery and convalescence.