Growth of yearling

The growth is a crucial period as the requirements increase. The weight and morphology change, the bone and muscle are in intense phase of construction. The first year of life requires a careful attention since in only one year, the yearling has already reached 65% of its adult weight and nearly 88% of its height at withers. The nutritional balance must be met to ensure harmonious growth and prevent complications of bones and joints.
EQUISPORT YEARLING is rich in mineral, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. It provides a balance of the diet of the young horse and also provides essential nutrients for normal development.
EQUISPORT YEARLING complements the diet of the foal from the age of six months to the end of its growth (4 or 5 years).
Dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, salt, cane molasses, wheat middlings, monocalcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate, rapeseed oil, brewer yeast.

Analytical constituents:
Crude ash: 74%
Calcium: 14.5%
Phosphorus: 6%
Crude protein: 3%
Sodium: 4.3%
Crude fat: 4%
Magnesium: 3%
Crude fiber: <1%

Additives per kg:
3a672a Vitamin A: 600,000 IU
E671 Vitamin D3: 60,000 IU
3a700 Vitamin E: 3000 IU
3a890 Choline chloride: 5350 mg
Vitamin B2: 400 mg
3a314 / 3a315 Niacin / Niacinamide: 301 mg
Vitamin C: 150 mg
Vitamin B1: 125 mg
3a316 Folic Acid: 75 mg
3a841 calcium D-pantothenate: 30 mg
3a831 Vitamin B6: 20 mg
Vitamin K3: 20 mg
Biotin: 10 mg
B12: 2 mg

Trace elements:
E6 Zinc (zinc oxide): 4 900 mg
E1 iron (iron sulphate monohydrate): 3000 mg
E5 Manganese (manganese oxide): 2400 mg
E4 Copper (copper sulphate pentahydrate): 1 700 mg
E6 Zinc (zinc chelate hydrated glycine): 900 mg
E5 Manganese (Manganese chelate of glycine hydrate): 600 mg
E4 Copper (copper chelate hydrated glycine): 300 mg
E2 Iodine (KI): 50 mg
E3 Cobalt (cobalt carbonate tetrahydrate): 20 mg
E8 Selenium (sodium selenite): 13 mg
3b8.11 Selenomethionine: 3 mg
Amino acids:
Monohydrochloride L-Lysine: 11 400 mg
3c301 DL-Methionine: 8000 mg
E321 BHT: 60 mg
E310 Propyl gallate: 30 mg
Anti-caking agent:
E562 Sepiolite: 131 000 mg
Enclosed scoop provided 200ml = 160 gr.
- Supplementation of cereal based ration : 100 gr per day
- Supplementation of complete ration : 50 gr per day
Complete daily ration from 6 to 36 months.
3 kg bucket, sufficient for 30 days.
10 kg bucket, sufficient for 100 days.
25 kg bucket, sufficient for 250 days.
EQUISPORT YEARLING is mineral complementary feed for yearling.