Electrolytic recovery

During an effort, the hydro-electrolytic losses can be substantial and have serious repercussions. In case of extreme efforts (prolonged effort under hot climate), it has been proved that these losses could cause fatigue or even dehydration of the horse.
EQUISPORT ELECTROLYTES requires to the nutritional objective: to compensate electrolytes losses in case of significant sweating. The formula contains easily assimilable mineral salts and glycine to optimize electrolytes efficiency and absorption.

Water, sodium chloride, dextrose, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride.

Analytical constituents:
Moisture: 71.6 %
Crude ashes: 20.6 %
Sodium: 6.4 %
Potassium: 1.5 %
Calcium: < 1 %
Magnesium: < 1 %
Crude cellulose: < 1 %
Crude fats: < 1 %
Crude proteins: < 1 %

Additives per kilo:
Trace-elements :
3b602 Zinc (zinc chloride): 980 mg
E5 Manganese (manganous chloride, tetrahydrate): 290 mg
E4 Copper (cupric chloride dihydrate): 220 mg
3b301 Cobalt (cobalt (II) acetate tetrahydrate): 19 mg
Flavouring compounds : Glycine: 2 140 mg
Shake well before using. Feed 50 ml after an effort or an important stress.
Water should be available at all times.
1 L dosing bottle, sufficient for 20 days.
5 L jerrican, sufficient for 100 days.
EQUISPORT ELECTROLYTES is a dietetic complementary feed for horses.