Massage gel

Massages of muscles, tendons and joints before and after exercice optimize the preparation for the physical effort and / or the recovery. A tonic massage will act directly on the blood circulation, while a slow and deep massage will reduce the musculo-tendinous residual tensions.
DOLOPHYT GEL is a massage gel based on plant extracts such as thyme, meadow queen and licorice known to contribute to joint comfort. DOLOPHYT GEL can be used before and after exercise in active massage or relaxing massage.
DOLOPHYT GEL is ionized and compatible with the use of massage devices.
Flavouring substances:
Mixture of flavouring compounds such as meadowsweet, thyme, licorice, ethanol
Gelling agent : Xanthan gum.
Apply DOLOPHYT GEL once or twice a day on the injured area (back, legs).
Massage thoroughly, moving against the diretion of hair growth.
It is recommended to apply DOLOPHYT GEL 30 to 60 minutes before the effort.
250 ml bottle.
DOLOPHYT GEL is a product for external use.