Rolled cotton gauze

True cotton lap entirely surrounded by a hydrophilic cotton gauze. COTTON GAUZE HM PRO absorbs sweat and keeps the skin dry. It prevents excessive voltage on the dressing member and evenly distributes pressure. COTTON GAUZE HM PRO is an excellent insulator dressing that can be cut to the desired size.
COTTON GAUZE HM-PRO can be used:
  • shock protection (box, paddock, during transport ...)
  • protection of joints (knee, hock, ...)
  • protection of tendons
  • non compressive dressing.
Individually packaged.
Available sizes:
20cm x 3.50 m double thickness (350 g)
30cm x 3.50 m double-thick (500 g)
45 cm x 3.50 m double-thick (750 g)
45 cm x 12 m single layer (1725 g)
45 cm x 12 m double layer (2690 g)