Scratches and mud fever

Scratchs, mud fever, wounds can cause irritation and pain to horses.
ANTI-CREVASSES nourishes, hydrates and brings suppleness to support cutaneous regeneration. The hydrating role of ANTI-CREVASSES is reinforced by the presence of vaseline and laminaria extracts. The components such as zinc oxide and lavender essential oil were selected for their healing and antifungal caracteristics.
Water, laminaria extracts, lavender and oregano essential oils, vaseline, zinc oxide, emulsifiers, preservative
Clean and dry well, then apply the cream and cover with some cotton and a bandage. Leave on for 12 h then renew after 12 h of interruption. Renew until satisfied.
For scratches: Dry well and cover with cream 2 times per day.
Other problems: Massage and make the cream penetrate 1 to 2 times per day on the concerned areas.
500 g container.
ANTI CREVASSES is an external care product.