Smell neutralizer with essential oils

Natural ingredients with active virtues neutralize the molecules and odors (transpiration, natural rejections of animals, ...) to make them imperceptible by flies, flat flies, biting flies, ...
  • Active for 5 days
  • No biocidal product (ECHA compliant)
  • Silent misting device, 360° use.
A scientific study showed the effectiveness of REPULSE 5 by attenuating by 90% the presence of flies, flat flies, culicoides, horseflies on mares in the meadow with attenuation of the movements of agitation. It is active on all dresses and without any allergic reaction.

Water, essential oils.
Biodegradable product.
Shake well before use. Spray on all areas frequented by insects (stables, bins, equipment, tack room) or directly on the animal : equine, bovine, ovine and caprine.
Fogging sprayer and normal sprayer without propellant gaz. Reusable spray head. Available refills.
300 ml spray bottle.
300 ml refill bottle.
2.5 L refill jerrican.
REPULSE 5 is an external care product.