Hygienic solution

POVIDONE SOLUTION 10% is a liquid hygienic solution for the skin, formulated with 10% concentrated povidone iodine. It offers all the qualities of iodine, non-irritating, it rinses easily, does not stain the animal, promotes cleaning and disinfection and leaves a protective film on the skin.
POVIDONE SOAP 10% is a stable and practical formula thanks to the spout, the spray or the dispensing pump.
Our advise: POVIDONE SAVON 10 % is ideal for the daily care (scratches, wounds, crusts,...). 

Povidone iodine 10%.
Pure or diluted (15 to 30 ml of clean water). To be used alone or after POVIDONE SCRUB.
Do not use with product containing mercury.
200 ml bottle with flip cap.
946 ml bottle with flip cap or spray.
3.78 L jerrican, dispensing pump can be used (sold separately).
POVIDONE SOLUTION 10 % is an external care product.