Original poultice

The tares are permanent deformations of certain regions of the body observed in the horse. Soft tars are more or less important sizes, located on the surface of the skin or in the underlying tissues, due to the dilation of synovial pockets by excessive synovial secretion. Soft tars are caused by inflammation of the joint or tendon, usually caused by a lack of plumbness, disease, infection, trauma, excessive work and / or unsuitable terrain (too soft or too hard). 
POUDRE ARMORICAINE is a mineral poultice made with clay and Kaolin known for their astringent action.

POUDRE ARMORICAINE is recommended after work to relax the legs and limit the appearance of soft blemishes on the legs.

To use after hard work or as a weekly routine application.
- Mix in cold water two parts powder to one part water
- Apply a thick layer of poultice onto the legs on a skin without wound.
- Leave in place 12 to 24 hours, and then remove with water.
2 kg bucket.
POUDRE ARMORICAINE is a product for external use.