Reduces dust and versatile to use

Wood Fibre ‘Classic’ is a virtually dust-free product. This is the main reason why veterinarians recommend using wood fibre as bedding for horses. This dust-free material causes the least possible amount of irritation to the sensitive lungs and bronchial tubes of horses, which benefits the animals’ health and well-being.

The ideal bedding for horses and pet rodents

Plospan Wood Fibre ‘Classic’ is available in small and large bags. The large bags are the ideal bedding for horse stables and the small bags are especially suitable for pet rodents.

Reduced manure volume

Plospan Wood Fibre ‘Classic’ is an excellent bedding material and has exceptional absorption power. Because wood fibre is efficient and economical to use, it also significantly reduces manure volume compared with, for example, straw. Working with wood fibre as a bedding material in a stable is also much easier because its structure is more compact so that it can be spread quickly and evenly. When cleaning your stable, the wood fibre can be easily shaken loose from the manure using a muckrake so that bedding material does not unnecessarily end up on the dung heap.

Plospan for small pet rodents

In addition to our own brand Plospan, we have also launched a small-sized bag with the brand name Plospan Fiberfunny, which is suitable for all types of rodents including, for example, guinea pigs and hamsters. Fiberfunny is available with a fresh natural, lemon or apple scent. Besides Plospan and Fiberfunny wood fibre, we also produce various private labels.